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Expand your reach and improve customer satisfaction with our multilingual support.


Improve customer experience with our support platform that offers both traditional articles and step-by-step guides.

Categories & Tags

Organize and streamline your content with our intuitive categories and tags.

Embed and API

Empower your platform with our powerful API and easy-to-embed solutions.

Keep your customers engaged by providing a simple solution. Create a step-by-step guide to help them solve their problems.

Step-by-step guides provide clear instructions, improve understanding and confidence, reduce support ticket volume, save time and resources, and increase customer satisfaction and retention. They are a powerful tool for enhancing your support strategy and improving the overall customer experience.

Team Support

Boost productivity and streamline workflows with team support that allows for multiple editors, admins, and contributors.


Personalize your knowledge base with our customizable colors, links, header, and footer options to match your brand's identity.

Public / Private

Choose the level of accessibility for your knowledge base with our public or private access options, ensuring the right audience has access to your information.


Save time and increase productivity by providing a search function that allows users to find the information they need within seconds.


Track your knowledge base performance and improve user experience with our powerful analytics tools.

User Feedback

Get valuable feedback on your articles with our user rating system that allows users to rate articles as happy, sad, or neutral.


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