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Quickly set up a self-service knowledgebase platform for customers and employees, offering instant access to a knowledgebase with essential answers, available publicly or privately.


Happier Customers. Less Tickets.

Reduce support tickets and improve customer satisfaction with our customizable knowledgebase

Multilingual Support

Expand your reach and provide superior support to customers worldwide with our multilingual knowledgebase software.

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Create a personalized support experience that aligns with your brand with our customizable knowledgebase software.

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Streamline your support content and help your customers find answers fast with our easy category organization.

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Get insights on customer behavior and improve your support content with analytics, traffic data, and user ratings.

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How Zeruh Can Help Solve Customer Problems

By providing a comprehensive resource for common issues and solutions, customers can quickly find the information they need to solve their problem without needing to contact support.

Yes, by providing customers with self-service options, a knowledgebase can reduce the number of support tickets, freeing up resources and improving the overall customer experience.

By providing accurate and consistent information, a knowledgebase builds trust with customers and shows a commitment to providing quality support and service.

Self-Service Portal

Streamline your support with Zeruh's comprehensive features

Zeruh is packed with powerful features designed to make knowledge management easier and more efficient. With customizations, search function and user feedback and analytics, Zeruh makes it easy to create and manage a comprehensive knowledgebase that meets your organization's needs.

  • Multilingual
  • Customizations
  • Embed Anywhere
  • Analytics

Our knowledgebase software ensures your visitors get the answers they need quickly, every time.

Centralize Content

Effortlessly manage all support materials in one place.

Empower Users

Enable customers and employees to quickly find answers.

Streamline Support

Simplify support process to save resources.

Reduce Workload. Simplify Support.

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